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TEL  +86-(0)592-5623805

FAX  +86-(0)592-5625208

Email  sales@ctbc.com.tw


Xiamen Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chung Thai Brush Co. Ltd., which is a family operated business, located in Xiamen, Fujan, China. In 1975 Mr. Chung-Yi Liu, the CEO and Chief Engineer, founded Chung Thai. He began his career as a mechanical apprentice with a major brush manufacturer in Taiwan very early in his life. This invaluable experience enhanced his knowledge in mechanics, and developed a strong background in manufacturing quality brushes for both the professional and the DIY markets. In 1995, Chung Thai established Xiamen Power to take the advantages of Chinese business environment. Xiamen Power does not only inherit the sophisticated brush making know-how from Chung Thai, it also adopted the modern management system to better serve its customers worldwide. In January 2002, Xiamen Power became a registered manufacturer of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. In 2013, Xiamen Power officially change company name to Xiamen Powerjet Home Products Ind. Co., Ltd.